Do You Have a Minute, Michael? Talking about IBM Financial Services Workbench


IBM Financial Services Workbench is a new offering that supports the digital transformation of financial institutions, enabling them to utilize cloud technologies for the digitization of business processes and modernization of products. For our video series, we have invited a range of industry experts to sit down on our sofa and share their ideas about it. This week, Michael Rehfisch, head of professional services at knowis, speaks about his perspective on the offering’s value for financial services.

For several years, Michael Rehfisch was responsible for process control and optimization of service and credit processes in a major international bank. Now he leads the professional services team at knowis, realizing complex digitization projects together with customers from the financial sector, particularly in the field of credit. Both in his former position and in his current role, Michael has experienced first-hand what drives financial institutions to push ahead with their digital transformation initiatives.

It is not without reason that banks are increasingly investing in modern software and future-proof IT infrastructures. Their goal is to put their customers first. However, Michael says that “for many banks, it is a huge challenge to meet their customers’ expectations in this digital age” and provide solutions that work synchronously on every channel. In addition, it often takes a long time before complex use cases can be converted into well-designed solutions. For Michael, it is a great advantage that IBM Financial Services Workbench “supports and accelerates the entire process from ideation to solution, with a strong focus on a short time-to-market.”

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Watch the interview with Michael below.

In the next video, Christian Sternkopf, vice president of product management at knowis, shares his point of view on IBM Financial Services Workbench.

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Sources: Teaser image and video: knowis AG

Written by -Nina Lehner-

Nina Lehner is Marketing Manager at knowis AG. Her responsibilities include the creation of content for various channels from print to social media.

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