Product Marketing Management at knowis: Decoding the Role, Celebrating the Realities.


At knowis, we recognize the significance of the Product Marketing Manager role in unlocking the true potential of our products. In this blog, we will delve into the multifaceted responsibilities of our Product Marketing Manager and shed light on the realities they face. By understanding the essence of this position, we can appreciate the invaluable impact our Product Marketing Manager has on driving the success of knowis as a product.

A Product Marketing Manager is a crucial role for technology companies and has more one than one face.

The Detective: Revealing Hidden Gems in the Market

Our Product Marketing Manager serves as a detective, conducting thorough market research and competitive analysis. Through their diligent work, we uncover valuable insights into our customers’ needs, industry trends, and untapped opportunities. These insights are crucial for knowis as a product, enabling effective positioning and staying ahead in the competitive software development landscape.

The Spokesperson: Crafting a Resonant Narrative and Connecting the Dots

As the voice of knowis's products, our Product Marketing Managers excel at effectively communicating our value and benefits to our target audience. They craft compelling messaging and positioning strategies that resonate, driving awareness and adoption of knowis. Their expertise as spokespersons establishes knowis as a trusted and innovative solution in the market, connecting the dots between our product and customers.

 The Advocate: Nurturing Collaboration and Success

Our Product Marketing Manager is a strong advocate, fosters collaboration and alignment across teams at knowis. They work closely with product, sales, and customer success teams to ensure a shared vision and drive the success of knowis as a product. Their advocacy extends externally as well, engaging with customers, partners, and industry influencers to build strong relationships, thereby promoting the growth of knowis.

 The Party Planner: Orchestrating Remarkable Product Experiences

In the role of party planner, our Product Marketing Manager excels at orchestrating remarkable experiences around knowis as a product. They develop comprehensive go-to-market strategies and coordinate activities to create excitement and anticipation among our target audience. Their efforts in launching new features, organizing events, and executing promotional campaigns contribute to the overall success and market impact of knowis.

 The Scout: Navigating the Evolving Landscape

As a scout, our Product Marketing Manager continually monitors the ever-changing software development landscape. They keep a keen eye on emerging trends, new opportunities, and evolving customer needs. This vigilance enables knowis as a product to adapt and innovate, ensuring that we remain relevant and deliver solutions that address the evolving challenges faced by software developers and IT leaders.

In conclusion, a product marketing manager at knowis embodies a multitude of roles: detective, spokesperson, advocate, party planner, and scout. With their diverse skills and unwavering dedication, they drive the success of knowis as a product.

If you have any questions on us and our products, please reach out to Malavika - our Detective, Spokesperson, Advocate, Party Planner and Scout!

Written by Malavika Kumar

Malavika is a seasoned software product enthusiast with 10 years of experience in product marketing. With her deep passion for technology and story telling, Malavika takes care of our product positioning, product messaging and product collaterals. Malavika also explores and shares insights on product and market trends.

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