IBM 'Bank und Zukunft': Open Banking Continues to Gain Relevance


This is already the 13th time that IBM invites the financial industry to gather at the banking hotspot Frankfurt/Main. The banking conference 'Bank und Zukunft' ('Bank and Future') will take place on October 23 this year and is aimed at both decision-makers and IT experts from the banking and financial services sector.

In recent years, open banking has become a strategic success factor for new digital business models in the financial sector. This year’s 'Bank und Zukunft' also takes up on this topic, which was already highlighted in Berlin as part of the 'Think at IBM' series of events. In spring 2019, IBM demonstrated how banks can be enabled to successfully embark on their digital transformation and develop new digital products and services. The main focus of the event was on PSD2 and the cooperation of banks with fintechs.

Open Banking as the Goal of Digital Transformation

On October 23, this thread will be picked up again at 'TechQuartier' in Frankfurt. “Openness is more important than ever for banks. In times of powerful regulations such as PSD2 and innovative developments such as artificial intelligence, completely new possibilities arise. It is necessary to fathom options, make use of ecosystems and courageously shape the future of banking,” says Andreas Wodtke, Vice President Industry Unit Banking at IBM. The various slots at the conference will provide a comprehensive picture of how the challenges facing the financial industry in its digitization efforts can be identified and addressed.

IBM Digital Banking Platform Builds Bridges

Jörg Kleine-Gung, Senior Certified Architect, IBM Industry Platform, and Christian Sternkopf, Vice President Product Management of knowis AG, will jointly present an overview of current technical developments in their session 'IBM Digital Banking Platform – The Underlying Idea'. Based on the status quo of many financial institutions, they will point out the gap between the demand for a modern banking solution and the existing legacy. Kleine-Gung and Sternkopf will then discuss game-changing architectural approaches, process models and tools that support banks in transforming their application landscapes into the cloud.

Anna Poth, IT Specialist at IBM, will give a hands-on demonstration of the functionality and technology of IBM's Digital Banking Platform in a deep dive session in the afternoon. For the technology enthusiasts at the conference, she will demonstrate how business analysts and developers can work together, guided by the system, to implement modern business services quickly and efficiently.

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The Banking Cloud at Your Fingertips

As already for last year's CeBit, IBM and knowis have prepared an exciting showcase for 'Bank und Zukunft' which demonstrates the capabilities of an open banking platform. The example of a Lego robot capable of independently solving a Rubik's Cube illustrates the use-based financing of machines in industry and commerce. Conference participants will be able to experience how knowis’ isfinancial platform and IBM’s Digital Banking Platform interact to capture machine data in real time, transmit it and process it in the bank’s system. This paves the way, for example, for the dynamic calculation of installments and real-time valuation of residual value, which can serve as a basis for the development of innovative business models.

Will you take part in the event and would like to meet the knowis experts? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we will arrange a meeting. Alternatively, we would be pleased to inform you within a web demo.


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