knowis Establishes Career Contacts with Students: Tips for a Successful Job Fair

Karriere-Kontakte Regensburg

On June 13th, more than 60 companies and organizations from a wide variety of industries presented themselves at the campus in Regensburg and provided information about start into working life and career at their exhibition booth and job walls. With interactive workshops and discussions, the 'Karriere-Kontakte' (Career Contacts) employment fair offers a platform for mutual exchange between students and potential employers. knowis was already present at the fair for the second time – and once again inspiring discussions arose, which can lay the foundation for a later successful cooperation.

Many students are in a similar situation: they focus entirely on their studies, choose their special subjects with uncertainty and only have a vague idea of which industry or employer they want to work for in the future: Quite a few graduates find themselves in an orientation crisis after graduation whether out of fear of committing to a specific area too early or because their studies do not provide a clear professional field and they do not know exactly what to apply for.

Job fairs are the ideal place to get an overview while studying: In a relaxed atmosphere, students can find out about the employer of their choice, engage in valuable networking or simply get inspired. Without being under pressure, questions can be clarified in personal discussions and the industry, or the career environment, can be better explained. Last but not least, students can leave a lasting impression on potential employers, which often enables them to join a company.

Visitors benefit of the wide range of services at 'Karriere-Kontakte'

Claudia_Hofmann_Karriere-KontakteA good first impression, especially in the fast-moving age of digital media, is of particular importance and can increase the chances against competing with others. "Job fairs offer a good opportunity to make personal contact with companies from which career prospects can arise. It is advantageous for both sides if not only the career page is used as a source of information," says Claudia Hofmann, member of the job fair team of ‘Karriere-Kontakte’.

In addition, a wide variety of services can be used without any obligation, especially at the university's own job fairs: Some of these career events, as well as the ‘Karriere-Kontakte’, offer free application portfolio checks or book photographers for application photos. "The Recruiting Lounge for job interviews was particularly well received this year. Due to the large selection of companies – from regional to international, large and small companies – there was an offer for every student. The day was very successful for both, exhibitors and visitors," Claudia Hofmann is proud to report.

From the classroom into professional life at knowis

knowis_team_karriere-kontakteThe fact that a visit to a job fair can pay off for students in the way of employment has already been proven at knowis: "Our IT company is growing rapidly and is constantly in search for future knowis colleagues. The first contact to a new colleague has often been made through a career fair. It is helpful for both sides to get to know each other in a face-to-face meeting during an event," says Kathrin Zollner from knowis' HR department.

Whether it's a student research project or thesis, an internship, a working student job or starting a career after completing studies knowis offers students a wide range of opportunities to establish themselves in their professional careers. "We are always looking forward to applications, even on a proactive basis," Kathrin complements.

Here you can find our current vacancies

Checklist for students preparing for a job fair

To get the most out of a visit to the trade fair, students should start preparing in a timely and structured manner. Many companies start planning their job fair appearance a year in advance visitors don't have to invest that much time. However, good preparation is everything.

1. Planning in Advance

Take a look at the exhibition catalogue. Which exhibitors are present and which services are offered? A first visit to the careers pages of interesting companies provides information about current vacant positions and contact persons. It is often possible to register in advance for workshops or to make specific appointments. A rough schedule for your visit and the preparation of specific questions is very helpful here.

2. Convincing with the application documents

Your application documents are your personal advertising material, a kind of extended business card. Update and complete your documents in advance. A CV with an application picture can help the interviewer to keep you in mind after the fair. In times of online applications, many companies no longer place exclusive value on a classic application portfolio, but also inform themselves via various business portals. Check your XING/ LinkedIn profile for completeness.

3. Networking

On the day of the job fair, choose a professional outfit in which you feel comfortable. Be open and leave room in your schedule for spontaneous discussions with other employers after or between your agreed appointments. Use the time for networking and job application training services.

4. Contact after the job fair

New call-to-actionThe post-processing of the job fair visit is also very important. Sort the information material and submit any missing documents as quickly as possible. Contact the company based on your conversation and network with the respective persons. This is how you show your interest and stay in the mind of your conversation partner.


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Written by -Kathrin Zollner-

Kathrin Zollner is responsible for personnel management and personnel development at knowis AG. She is the contact person for applicants, students and all questions about starting a career at knowis.

Contact: , Phone: +49 941 409249-16

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