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-Tobias Baumgarten-

Tobias Baumgarten is a certified banker and business economist. He is currently working as a specialist for multi-channel banking on digitalization topics. At work and in private he is passionately interested in FinTech topics, blogging and tweeting privately about FinTech. You can find Tobias Baumgarten on and Twitter.

Recent Posts

Learn From Karstadt – Why Banks Have to Decide

Digital transformation, a low interest rate environment and increasing regulatory requirements present major challenges for banks. Those who wants to remain sustainable in the market must pursue a clear business model. What banks should learn from the troubled department store company Karstadt.
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Corporate Banking - Lagging Behind in Digital Revolution

Digital transformation poses challenges for traditional banks. Innovative Fintechs put them under pressure in retail banking - but not only there. How can this development in corporate banking be avoided?
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