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Working With Partners to Shape the Future of Banking: A Digitization Project by msg GillardonBSM and knowis

In a joint project, msg GillardonBSM AG and knowis AG have implemented a software application that prototypically demonstrates the potential of automating decisions in the lending process – an excellent starting point for deepening the partnership.
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Case Study: Structured Financing of Large-Scale Projects

The expansion of renewable energies is a decisive trend in the energy sector. Within the context of this energy revolution, extensive infrastructure projects are required. In order to be able to use this source of income, banks must find a way of making its complexity manageable.
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How Banks Meet the Most Demanding Governance Regulations with Digital Credit Management

With the aim of consistent risk management practice and harmonization of the definition of leveraged transactions, the ECB published a guideline to this effect in May 2017. How can banks ensure compliance with such governance regulations?
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The Future of Banking in Germany: Who Will Survive the Death of Banks?

Oliver Wyman predicts that the number of banking institutions in Germany will fall from 1,600 to 150-300 over the next 10-15 years. Can German financial institutions even protect themselves against the death of banks and their competitors, especially foreign banks and fintechs?
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