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-Michael Rehfisch-

Michael has been responsible for the banking team of knowis AG. His main tasks include translating banking requirements into software solutions. With his team, he ensures the successful implementation of various customer projects. Michael completed an education as a banker and then various courses of study leading to Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Master of Science in Accounting & Finance. For several years he was responsible for process control and optimization of service and credit processes in a major international bank. Michael joined knowis in 2016 and has supported many successful customer projects as a solution architect.

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Omnichannel Banking – A Prerequisite for a Seamless Customer Journey

In order to differentiate themselves from their competitors in the financial market, banks are increasingly focusing on the topic of customer experience. But anyone who wants to achieve true customer-centric models with a seamless customer journey cannot avoid the subject of omnichannel banking.
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The Role of Business Domains in Digital Banking

In digitalization projects within the credit business, complex relationships and dependencies need to be mapped in the system. At the same time, the system must be flexible to respond to any future requirements. Success in both areas is ensured by the use of modular components for business domains.
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The Future of Banking in Germany – Who Will Survive the Death of Banks?

Oliver Wyman predicts that the number of banking institutions in Germany will fall from 1,600 to 150-300 over the next 10-15 years. Can German financial institutions even protect themselves against the death of banks and their competitors, especially foreign banks and FinTechs?
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Digital loan application processing - the clean interface between front and back office

An essential interface in the loan business is located between customer service and the loan department, as a lot of data is exchanged here. By mapping all application elements in a digital workflow, information deficits between front and back office can be avoided.
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The customers' demands on the finance sector have changed – this is what banks have to expect

Clients' demands on services in the financial sector have changed dramatically in recent years. Increasing digitalization in all areas of life has also given rise to new expectations of financial service providers.
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Why digitalization is a major topic for banks

For both financial service providers and customers, the digital era is leading to a paradigm shift. The problem: The data and system infrastructure of many financial institutions does not allow digital processes. In addition to customer requirements, regulatory requirements are also increasing.
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Five success factors of a digitalization project in the banking sector

The essential basement of any digitalization project in finance should be the creation of a reliable database. Using the following five success factors, you can see by the example of the corporate credit process what you should bear in mind when realizing your digitalization project.
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