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Back Office Digitization: Fast and Secure Thanks to Pre-designed Modules

In extensive digitization initiatives, a modular approach is recommended, in which banks skillfully combine existing and newly built modules. For more speed and stability in realization, the isfinancial banking platform from knowis relies on preconceived business capabilities.
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Agile Team Organization Based on the Tribe Model at knowis

Squad, Tribe, Guild and Chapter. What sounds like the content of an online role-playing game, such as World of Warcraft, is the basis for an agile work model in a business context. Read about our first experiences with agile team organization at knowis, based on the Spotify model.
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Legacy Modernization: This is How Banks Put Their IT in the Fast Lane

'If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it' – this wisdom is no longer good advice for banks. Many core banking systems are no longer state of the art and have become so complex that they hamper digital transformation and growth. Banks therefore need a strategy to replace obsolete systems over the long term.
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API-Banking: More Than Open Banking

Since PSD2 came into force, API banking has become a much discussed topic. In the same breath, the term Open Banking is often referred to – experts talk about new banking ecosystems. But what role do APIs play in banking at all, and how is their use related to opening the financial industry?
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Material Outsourcing: How Banks Ensure Security and Compliance in the Cloud

Outsourcing to cloud providers can be the cornerstone for modernization, but regulatory requirements and concerns about data security make financial institutions hesitant. With compliance know-how and the right criteria when choosing a provider, the step to cloud banking can be taken successfully.
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Digital Reinvention: Creating the Modern Bank with Open Platforms

According to an IBM study, advancing digital technologies, the increased demands of customers, and many new competitors require a profound change in banking. The pioneers of digital transformation are already taking action, positioning themselves at the center of open, agile platforms.
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Banking Platform on Cloud: New Perspectives for Financial Services

The effort of setting up a suitable IT infrastructure is one of the reasons why smaller financial institutions often shy away from digitalization projects. But the competition from the fintech base is already in the starting blocks. A cloud-hosted banking platform can be an interesting alternative.
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Why Platform Banking Is the Right Approach to Digitalization

Banks must change themselves quickly to remain important in a changing world. That's why platform banking is the right approach for banks to meet the challenges of digital transformation. And there are more reasons for this.
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New Business Models Through Platform Banking: IBM and knowis at CeBIT

At CeBIT in Hanover for the first time: knowis AG as customer and business partner of IBM. Using an innovative mobility concept as an example, the Regensburg software company demonstrated how banks can open up completely new business models through the use of platform technology.
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knowis at CeBIT: New Mobility Concepts Through Structured Data in Banking

This year knowis AG will be at CeBIT. The potential of linked information in the banking sector will be demonstrated in a live showcase with an innovative mobility concept as an example. You will find knowis at the exhibition stand of IBM, in pavilion 34/35.
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Example of Digital Banking: Implementation of a Banking Software for Lending in Practice

Example Digital Banking: Digital transformation seems to be a big step in corporate lending business. Knowledge-intensive processes, often with exceptions, must be mapped and a lot of different legacy systems must be connected. We show the procedure for a digitalization project by a practical example.
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