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How Agile Methods Such as Scrum Make Remote Work Efficient

In order to curb the spread of COVID-19, entire teams in almost all industries are forced to work remotely from their homes: a completely new situation for many companies. To overcome this challenge, teamwork needs to be rethought. The adaptation of agile methods can help.
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Digital Business Impact Analysis: Efficient Business Continuity Management for Banks

Unexpected personnel shortage interferes with normal business operations or a hacker attack paralyzes the datacenter: Banks have to be prepared. A digital business impact analysis helps to keep an eye on critical business processes and take appropriate countermeasures in critical situations.
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User Story Mapping in Software Development: Keeping an Eye on the Big Picture

In software projects, user story mapping helps to capture the big picture and understand the needs of stakeholders. Learn more about the basic principles of User Story Mapping and why we see its highest potential in combination with other professional methods.
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