Technology is constantly evolving and driving business growth. The principles of software development have changed to cope with constant business challenges and technology adoption. Development teams are confronted with finding their golden path in a jungle of open-source software, toolings, skill requirements, approaches, and patterns.

Without the IT exposure of large corporations, it is hard and time-consuming to get productive.

Adopting open-source software 

An open-source first strategy often comes with high investment in evaluation, learning and integration with existing components. Running and maintaining the additional functionalities is connected to significant effort and costs.

Cloud-native application development
is complex!

Handling multiple tools and procedures 

Development teams spend unnecessary time in iterations and rework due to missing standards or distributed contributions to the same project.

Low-code approaches lead into vendor-lock-ins 

Low-code is fast but not always the best choice. Organizations using low-code tools often find themselves locked into a particular vendor. 



Finding talents with cloud-native experience is hard

Existing workforces often consist of great developers who lack cloud-native experience. Providing efficient training is expensive and time-consuming.

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How to turn super complex into super simple?

Efficiently design, develop, and run applications at scale

Open. Truly open!

Open standards.
Open co-creation. No lock-in. No lock-out.

World-class experience

Optimized end-to-end collaboration of diverse workforces.

Autogenerated code

Combine the speed and productivity of low-code with the flexibility of pro-code.

Packaged best-practices 

Curated technologies. Managed catalogues, updates and upgrades. Codified patterns. 

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Value outcome & Happy Teams From day 1

For IT leaders

Reduce complexity, provide modern development tools and outperform business requirements.

For architects

Reduce ramp-up costs and streamline collaboration from design to running code.

For developers

Concentrate on value-creating tasks and commit your code faster, while embracing full flexibility.

For business owners

Rely on knowis technology and Expert Lab services for better efficiency, speed and quality in your solutions.

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We started our journey as a technology and solution provider in the financial services industry. The high level of regulatory requirements, the complexity of the application landscape, as well as the great people we have been able to work with, have shaped and sharpened our approach and technology throughout the years. 

Today, we as knowis have taken on the role of a thought leader for cloud-native application development and work with development teams across all industries and geographies. We particularly love to help companies grow their cloud development capabilities, teams, and productivity.

We are experts in what we do, thanks to our continuous experience in a vast number of successful customer projects. While there is no shortcut in becoming an expert, we want to help our clients and partners to benefit from our know-how in an easy and accessible way. For this, we have packaged our expertise and best practices into the knowis platform.


customers rely on our solutions


users work with our software solutions


failed projects


platform for all requirements

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TRUSTED PARTNER and thought-leader

We proudly work together with key partners who use the knowis technology for their own software development projects or even embed knowis technology into their products

Our platform is unique because it provides a truly open ecosystem that enables co-creation between customers, partners, and developers.

We embrace continuous improvement and innovation, for this, we closely work together with our partners, customers, and communities. The knowis platform and Expert Labs unite our expertise with the drive for innovation, providing development teams of any size and industry with the needed tools and know-how to build cloud-native applications, fast, secure, and with confidence.

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