DIGITALIzation of
Complex Lending Business

Business App ' Asset Finance'


The Challenge

SAVING COSTS BY SimplifyING complex project financing

Airplane and shipping

Our client, a German universal bank, holds a strong position in the market as a specialist in international shipping, financing renewable energy projects, and financing commercial real estate projects in Europe. As a specialized financing provider, it is of particular importance to the bank to be able to undergo rapid decision-making processes, even for larger investments and thus complex financing structures and products, and to be able to provide its customers with information on the current status of a loan application at any time.

In the scope of a digitalization project, our customer wanted to optimize the process of applying for and granting loans for ship financing substantially. The bank's financing process was characterized by manual processing steps, a lack of transparency regarding the status of the process, and historically grown heterogeneous process flows. Further requirements resulted from the bank's internal restructuring process.

The following challenges shaped the requirements for the project's vision:

  • Compiling the business data required for analyses and valuations involves frequent switching between systems, manual aggregation, and time-consuming duplicate entries
  • Analysis and assessment tasks for decision-making in complex deals are performed in Word or Excel
  • Lack of support for collaboration between front office and back office experts
  • No system support in both standardized and rule-based processes
  • Lack of transparency and overview of the processing status

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isfinancial Banking Platform: Asset Finance Business App

The solution for complex lending business

Using the tools of the isfinancial banking platform, we implemented the application 'Asset Finance' for our customer. isfinancial is designed specifically for the fast and secure implementation of digital banking solutions. Thus, together with the bank's project team, a productive application could be developed in less than four months. The application is tailored to the requirements of the commercial bank's lending process for ship financing.

The smart capabilities of the business app enable the bank's lending experts to respond immediately to their customers' requests for large-scale projects in shipping, analyze ventures, and provide quick financing offers:

  • isfinancial Business AppDigital expert workplace for each user according to their role and permissions
  • Automatic processing of applications and approvals
  • System support in analysis and valuation
  • Transparency on the status of tasks and processes provided by dashboards
  • Contextual collaboration in the app without emails, deal team meetings, or non-documented chat histories
  • Revision log of all activities, decisions, and decision premises addresses regulatory requirements

The application maps all steps of the financing process in an audit-proof manner, from the front office to decision-making and archiving in the back office. This has significantly accelerated our customer's structured project financing process and reduced costs:


savings in transaction costs

Smart collaboration, data management and active system support​


faster decision-making

Time-to-Yes and Time-to-No are
strengthened significantly


audit-proof & BAIT-fit

Access control, logging, replacement of IDV-critical excels, etc.​

"With our solution on isfinancial, we rely on a digital application that allows us to take quick action while keeping an eye on both our risks and the client's risks at all times."

Project manager of the universal bank

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Find out in this whitepaper how IBM Germany and knowis AG supported a German universal bank in its digitalization process towards Credit Management 4.0 and built a digital loan template for all of the bank's business areas.



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