Business App 'Risk Cockpit'

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The Challenge



A German state bank started a digitalization project with knowis to address the increased demands on the bank's middle office. As one of the largest commercial banks in Germany, the financial institution offers its customers national and international financial services in the areas of real estate, corporate banking & asset finance, and the conveyor business.

When competing for corporate customers, risk analysts and loan specialists have to qualify financing requests quickly while at the same time incorporating the best possible conditions and collateral for the bank. A digital tool is designed to support the bank's back office experts in the tasks of risk analysis and risk assessment that arise during the life cycle of a loan commitment, particularly in corporate banking, and to enable them to respond more quickly to new developments.

The following situation was identified in the discovery workshops and defined the scope of the project:

  • Analyses are performed manually in a time-consuming manner in various documents (mostly Word and Excel)
  • Data is held in multiple systems: results are transferred to a resolution document or a target system for resolution management
  • Revision-compliant management of documents often not possible
  • Missing documents or pending deliveries interrupt processing if no option for smart collaboration exists
  • High demands on documentation and accountability to provide evidence cannot be fully complied with

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isfinancial Banking Platform: Business App 'Risk Cockpit'

The solution for RELIABLE Decision-MAKING Processes

In cooperation with the project team of our customer, the business application 'Risk Cockpit' was developed using the tools of the isfinancial banking platform. Due to the modular architecture approach of the platform, various modules could be quickly and securely implemented into a solution that maps the reality of the state bank's lending business. The app was therefore already in productive use 5 months after the project kick-off.

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Risk Cockpit is tailored specially to the requirements of the back office and offers all the functions needed in connection with the preparation and decision-making of credit proposals. Expert views of loan exposures and ongoing processing procedures simplify and accelerate decision-making processes. The application handles data preparation and supports all processes related to analysis, voting, and decision-making. Additional functions simplify collaboration with other units and communication with the customer:

  • Customizable permissions and built-in substitution for all back-office employees
  • Use of the app at various locations through multi-client capability and multi-language support
  • Automation of template preparation and structuring in digital template portfolios by the system
  • Customizable system support for many tasks (for example, target document determination and automated request, preparation of analyses and assignment of pending analysis steps, collaboration from within the digital template)
  • Dashboards clearly display the status of requests or templates, processing times, and more
  • Business intelligence: smart forecasting of expected processing time for loan applications or templates
  • Immediate interaction with customers via document request and chat when integrated into the customer portal.

The application also serves our customer as a starting point for system support of requirements resulting from the guidelines of the European Banking Authority (EBA) and in the context of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance), for example in lending according to sustainability criteria.


system support for routine activities


faster to final
loan template


reduced transaction costs in application processing

"With isfinancial, we have implemented a software solution that digitally maps our existing credit process. This allows us to make credit decisions quickly and securely in new and existing customer business, while minimizing default risks at the same time."

Head of Credit Risk Management of the state bank

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