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Deal Management Business App

Deal Management Business App

The Challenge

customer centricity in the banking back office

Customers want to interact with their bank via different channels.Mobile banking, customer portal, or consultation in the bank branch: today, both retail and corporate customers are not restricted to one channel, but want to interact seamlessly with their financial institution via different channels.

Internal experts in the bank's back office units also want an interface like a digital expert workplace to support them in their specific tasks.

The lack of a central digital workplace causes some challenges for banks:

  • Initial application templates are created in unstructured and audit-critical Word and Excel documents
  • Relevant customer data has to be aggregated with high manual effort
  • Collaboration takes place on the basis of mails and documents on physical storage drives or in electronic files
  • Lack of transparency on tasks and status of processes across the own portfolio of customers served

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Deal Management Business-App

The Solution For customer-centricity in the back office

  • Deal Management Business AppBusiness app with customizable permissions for all back office employees and built-in substitution
  • Use of the app at different locations through multi-client capability and multi-language functionality
  • Automation of proposal preparation and support in back-office-related analysis tasks
  • Provision of business logic and data for the bank's customer portal
  • Omnichannel-capable application

The Deal Management Business App was realized together with a universal bank and implemented on the banking platform isfinancial.

The application aggregates all relevant data for the employee in the back office and creates transparency on the customer. This leads to a faster creation of initial application templates for approval-relevant business transactions.


less processing time for
the initial application template

Automated application processing,
digital data management 


faster time to decision for
the customer

Direct connection
to the customer portal


less transaction costs
in sales situations 

Active system support
for smart collaboration 

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