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Technology-enabled 'Zero Back Office'

The challenge


Digitale_Kredit-AntragsbearbeitungThe back office of a financial institution was challenged by a high degree of time-consuming manual activities. The route course was a rather fragmented system landscape historically developed with increasing complexity. The company was highly invested to run the existing landscape and did not find a starting point for renovation and innovation.

The back office does not directly interact with customers but has a business-critical central service function for all kinds of customer-related activities: transactions, correspondence, fulfillment of contractual, etc. Therefore it significantly impacts customer satisfaction. In addition, changes in the regulatory frameworks are causing constant changes in business processes. Different kinds of business applications specifically designed for different user groups were required to increase the level of automation and smart collaboration.

The business challenges mainly have been:
  • High transaction costs due to manual or checklist-based handovers
  • Lack of overview of status, priority, and context of operations  
  • Unstructured data limit the level of process automation
  • No platform or regulatory framework as a basis for digitalization initiatives 

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The knowis solution 'Operations Business Platform'

turn manual knowledge work into a Digital Back Office

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The 'Operations Business Platform' was designed and developed to create a digital workplace for all domain-specialized staff of the back office. The cross-functional development team did create an open, future-proof business platform composed of sourced and developed components.

The platform runs business applications centered around particular business functions of different teams increasing automation and improving collaboration:

  • User tasks are packaged and assigned by system services
  • Dashboards are providing all kinds of status information
  • Processing times are matched with service level agreements
  • Business events are initiated if service levels are violated
  • Overarching orchestration of user activities
  • All user or system activities are logged and documented
  • Technology-enabled management of document life-cycle


reduction of lead time

Automation of recurring operations and data aggregation 


efficiency gains

Simplified task prioritization and recognition of operational bottlenecks



Documentation of all user activities, access control, replacement of Word & Excel

"The platform's openness and the possibilities for an easy further development of our solution pave the way for us to continue the digital transformation of our back office. knowis also accompanies us in the business expansion of the solution."

Department Director Process Management and Organization

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Mission 'Zero Back Office'

Recording of the presentation of knowis CFO Stefan Engl at IBM Bank und Zukunft: Possibilities, requirements, and limits of the automation of work processes in the back office.

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