knowis Expert Labs: Your service partner for bespoke solutions

We are your partner when it comes to building bespoke solutions that incorporate technology as content enabler, driving your business growth.

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More than just a technology provider

Our mission over the last decade has been to enable people and organizations to master their digital re-invention.

For us, that means working side by side with your development teams, to share knowledge and establish best practices. We provide curated best practices on how to successfully build modern software while giving you full freedom and choice on how to use or consume our services.


Augment your team

We provide you with a dedicated team, allowing you to focus your resources on existing projects.


Helping hands

We provide the needed skills to close your requirements or skill gaps, enabling you to discover without binding resources.


Train the trainer

We work and train selected contributors from your team to build up best practices and needed skills in-house.

Turn Product ideas into bespoke solutions

Modernization of application landscape

UC1-img"We need to get rid of monoliths based on legacy technologies, which are difficult to transform."


  • Our legacy monoliths are not designed for cloud and distributed platforms
  • Our teams lack the needed skills to implement new business models and capabilities at speed
  • Our teams need to overcome technology leaps much faster and more efficiently
  • Our approach to a layered architecture requires the collaboration of different teams


  • knowis platform provides every type of organization with a solid and secure starting point for their modernization journey, immediately getting the teams productive in sprint 1
  • knowis platform is easy to navigate and provides the needed tools and environment for traditional developers to effectively contribute without lengthy and extensive training

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Build new applications

UC2-img"Our customers expect an experience based on the newest technologies."


  • Our customers expect the same simplicity and user friendliness as they experience day by day with smart apps
  • It takes too long to transform ideas into a productive solution, interfering with innovation and technology-based growth
  • Our organization is short of the needed skills to build modern, cloud-native applications
  • Domain-specialized staff is often already tied up in other projects or tasks, unable to contribute without technology-driven automation


  • Domain-driven design (DDD) is our key concept for effectively designing business domains. The rich toolset of the knowis platform accelerates the translation of design into actionable code
  • Another conceptual game changer of the knowis platform is the simple composition of solutions into applications

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Build a business platform

UC4-img"We need a smart way to provide business capabilities to different teams"


  • Current structure does not allow the sharing or reusing of business capabilities within different applications
  • Operations costs are on a constant high level, due to missing company-wide standards and shared good practices
  • Our teams lack agility and scalability as we are not able to organize and manage know-how with the help of packaged business capabilities


  • knowis platform provides curated OS technologies, codified patterns, golden paths to production, and much more to easily establish a business capability platform
  • All components can easily be managed and composed into applications based on the same principles

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Focus on data

UC3-img"We need to use our business data to learn and get better insights."


  • Our current data strategy does not allow flexible access and processing of data across multiple applications and processes
  • The data strategy hinders us to turn available data into valuable customer or portfolio insights
  • We lack the skills and environment to operationalize Machine Learning or to embed AI technology into our applications


  • The knowis platform simplifies the development of software solutions that use data analytics and artificial intelligence
  • With knowis platform, it is easy to deliver real-time insights, predictions, and recommendations as “products”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is knowis Expert Labs?

  • knowis Expert Labs is a service that partners side-by-side with customer or partner organizations to accelerate the development and distribution of applications and to ease the modernization of legacy apps.
  • knowis Expert Labs uses standardized and approved delivery frameworks and good practices supported by knowis technology.

What is the value proposition of knowis Expert Labs?

  • Our value proposition is to simplify the life of cross-functional development teams to produce faster, more efficiently, and more securely. We emphasize the collaboration with partners and want to share our knowledge with partners and customers.

What is the USP of knowis Expert Labs?

  • We use our own knowis technology to accelerate application development and modernization.
  • Our harmonized approach incorporates and combines skills, methodology and technology and is a game changer in the market in terms of time-to-market.

What are common projects knowis Expert Labs is engaged with?

  • The three most common reasons why customers consider working with us
    • Build or participate in an internal or external API ecosystem
    • Build new applications or solutions to support a business domain or customer journey
    • Modernize existing applications

Is there an opportunity to partner up with knowis Expert Labs?

  • We are happy to work hand-in-hand with new partners. Please contact us for more information on our partner program.