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Operations Business App

The Challenge

Digital business processes in the Bank's back office

Digitale_Kredit-AntragsbearbeitungThe back office is of great importance for the digital transformation of financial institutions. The level of manual operations is particularly high here. This is mainly due to a mostly very fragmented system landscape, which has resulted from the processing of different products and services in the back office.

The back office has no direct customer interaction in many regards but fulfills a central service function: processing times for payouts, contract creation, balance confirmations, etc. have a significant impact on customer satisfaction.

In addition, regulatory issues and the processing of new product offerings are constantly confronting the back office with new requirements.

Back Office experts typically face the following issues:
  • High transaction costs due to manual or checklist-based handovers
  • Lack of overview of status, priority, and context of operations  
  • Unstructured data limit the level of process automation
  • No platform or regulatory framework as a basis for digitalization initiatives 

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Operations Business App

The Solution for The Digital Banking Back Office

The Operations Business App is the digital workplace for all employees in the back office. According to the configured role and rights, task packages are tailored and assigned to the employees by the system and completed in the workplace without switching between applications.

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  • The task packages are related to the customer or project. Handovers are not required.
  • The status of each task and responsibility are transparent.
  • Lead times can be measured and compared with service agreements. Activities are initiated by the system when service levels are exceeded.
  • Collaboration, review, and approval take place in the digital workplace and in the context of the specific task.
  • Data is transferred from the digital workplace to integrated legacy systems.

The Operations Business App was implemented on the isfinancial banking platform and uses automation technologies available on the platform.


Reduction of lead time

No handoffs, complete transparency, automation of repetitive operations


Automated task completion

Generation of tasks, creation of documents, transfer of data to inventory systems



Documentation of all user activities, access control, replacement of Word & Excel


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Mission 'Zero Back Office'

Recording of the presentation of knowis CFO Stefan Engl at IBM Bank und Zukunft: Possibilities, requirements, and limits of the automation of work processes in the back office.

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