Accelerate Enterprise Application Development

knowis platform is an application development accelerator based on open principles. It enables agile teams to jump-start their cloud-native development and provides golden paths from design to prod through a rich set of tools, curated open-source technologies, and codified best practices.

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made of modern design principles

Open source creates the best cloud architecture

Managed OS technology catalogue. Managed updates, managed upgrades.

The future is composable

Build solutions by composing existing components with internally developed or externally sourced components.

Designed for change and continuous modernization

Turn projects into programs while constantly driving innovation and new technology adoption.

Co-creation without any lock-in or lock-out

Incorporate an open environment for co-creation based on multi-source and multi-vendor solutions.

Just Jumpstart. Excel. Scale.

knowis platform was designed to support cross-functional teams to design, build and run cloud-native applications faster, more securely, and with confidence. The product mission is to simplify the work of development teams to boost time-to-market and to focus the investments on value tasks. The platform is centered around three pillars.

Organize and start.


Development teams can start easier and faster thanks to:

  • Transparent management of distributed development tools and assets
  •  Standardization and life-cycle management of reusable assets
  • A collaborative environment supporting security and control

Build super fast. 


Development teams can develop significantly faster without losing control thanks to:

  • Pro-code and low-code-like approaches in the same operational model
  • Blueprints and stencils
  • Codified architectural patterns and best practices
  • Pre-integrated OS technologies


Maintain easily.


Development teams can stay in control of all deployments thanks to:

  • Top-notch monitoring tools for services and application deployments
  • Easy management of  deployment configurations
  • Variety of options to drill into cluster logs or deployment details


Everything the team wants and loves in one place


Get the team started with microservices being set-up in minutes based on (your) packaged best practices. 


(Re-)Use existing templates that can include project stubs, code extensions, skeleton code, configurations, or codified patterns.


New Low-Code style with a Design2Code approach removing the limitations of traditional low-code.


Collaboratively capture business requirements in DDD terms and automatically transform them into modern microservices.


Reduce manual efforts to write comprehensive docs by treating documentation as code.


Use managed stacks to turn source-code into containers in minutes.


Cherry-pick build or sourced components and simply compose an application.


Easily monitor and manage your deployments and deployment configurations.

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Use Cases

Whatever your use case, the knowis platform will improve the experience and productivity of your development team. It provides guidance for modern development practices and eases the adoption of curated open-source technologies at scale. Additionally, it unites pro-code and low-code-like development in the same operational model, supporting and enabling different developer profiles alike, helping them to put their focus on value-creating tasks.

Develop modern solutions

Develop new business solutions as a set of specialized microservices. Build modern UI apps, create new API products, or develop domain-decomposed business services for reuse across all channels. Take advantage of the pre-integrated cloud infrastructure, microservice architecture, and DevOps practices for better agility and speed.

Modernize applications

Combine multiple modernization strategies like re-platform, re-architect, or rebuild in the same model. Evolve your system landscape in domain-decomposed solutions. Pick the best strategy to migrate applications from aging platforms on a per-component basis.

Adopt cloud-native architecture principles

Foster rapid iterations and small changes to selected components of your solutions. Adopt event-driven architectures to build more agile, scalable, and resilient business solutions. Deploy microservices via continuous delivery and give developers an automated path to production.

Augment and enrich existing applications

Embed new technologies like data analytics and machine learning to deliver real-time insights, predictions and recommendations, all while managing them as 'products'.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the knowis platform?

The knowis platform is an open development acceleration platform that helps today's agile development teams to efficiently design, develop, and run modern enterprise-grade applications – designed for the cloud.

It helps customers to overcome the challenges of the increasing complexity of modern software development, while enabling them to embrace the advantages of technology-driven growth.

What makes knowis platform different from other developer platforms?

The knowis platform is providing dedicated support for software development teams at the application level from design to production.

It is based on a truly open foundation and open-source preference, avoiding lock-ins and lock-outs of any kind.

All tools, managed stacks, codified best practices, patterns, and curated OS technologies are designed to simplify the life of development teams, while reducing the ToC of application development.

Who is using the knowis platform?

The knowis platform is particularly beneficial to customers who want to build modern, enterprise-grade applications that incorporate modern architecture such as modular micro-service or container-based architecture, with the goal to take full advantage of cloud-first technology

Additionally, it is a very valuable tool for managers in charge of IT resources, enterprise architects, developers, and data owners in the line of business.

What are the main use cases of knowis platform customers?

Build new applications: New, engaging business and channel applications powered by their existing workforce, without extensive training.

Modernize applications: Decomposed monolithic core systems and applications can easily be rebuilt into modern applications based on cloud-native and open-source technologies.

Extend business systems: Enrich existing business systems with AI & ML capabilities, APIs, etc. by allowing easy integrations.

What is the business value of knowis platform?

The knowis platform reduces the average time-to-market by 30%, improving substantially the ToC of projects and programs. It ensures a complete future-proof and collaborative approach due to compliance with open standards.

Simultaneously, it increases the happiness of the teams by providing a world-class experience and getting rid of repetitive developer tasks.

What is a composed business application?

According to Gartner, composable business means creating an organization made from interchangeable building blocks.

It enables an organization to compose solutions from existing, planned, and externally sourced components allowing cherry-picking of best-of-breed business capabilities, COTS, and everything in between.