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knowis is a specialised software provider located in Regensburg, Germany. Founded in 2004, our mission has been to develop flexible and agile software solutions that enable automation even in knowledge-intensive and technically complex application areas. We specialise in banking solutions.

Our core competency is a deep understanding of our industry and the ability to reliably transform customer needs into IT solutions. Innovation and the ability to deliver compelling features release by release is a necessity for knowis as a solution provider in a ‘traditional’ industry. A clearly defined vision is the basis for our product roadmap as well as the guideline for defining new customer solutions.

knowis AG


Dr. Gerald Gaßner

Chief Executive Officer

Gerald GassnerGerald is co-founder of knowis and managing director since 2004. He was appointed CEO in 2011 and currently leads the company's business development and engineering units.

Gerald began his professional career in banking and worked in a variety of responsibilities in the areas of corporate credit management, risk management, and credit process organization. He also brings more than a decade of experience in the software industry, especially in the fields of software development, software architecture, business process management, decision automation, knowledge engineering, and expert systems.

In addition to his years working in the finance industry, Gerald studied computer sciences, and later received his doctorate in information sciences.

Stefan Engl

Chief Financial Officer

Stefan EnglStefan has been on the knowis AG board since 2011. He is responsible for Strategy & Organization, Corporate Services, as well as Banking Solutions, Sales & Marketing. With the Professional Services unit, his responsibilities also include the solutions and project business of knowis.

After his education as a banker, Stefan graduated in business administration. He looks back on more than 20 years of professional experience in the banking business and gained the qualification as managing director of a credit institution.

Before joining knowis, Stefan was deputy board member of one of the largest Bavarian savings banks, responsible for credit risk management and back office lending and deposit business.

Jörg Erdmenger

VP Engineering

Joerg_ErdmengerJörg has been responsible for software development at knowis AG since 2014.

After studying natural sciences, he started software development in 1995. Since then, he has worked in various positions on the development of network applications with web frontends.

In 2010, Jörg joined knowis AG, where he played a major role in the transformation of isfinancial software from a rich client to a web client architecture. After holding various positions in the development department of knowis AG, he is now responsible for the further development of the isfinancial platform and software support.

Christian Sternkopf

VP Product Management

Christian_SternkopfChristian has been responsible for Product Management at knowis AG since May 2018.

He completed an apprenticeship as a banker, followed by a degree in business economics with a focus on organization/process management and financial and risk management. After completing his education, he was responsible for internal process management and optimization at various banks for several years.

Christian has been working for knowis AG since 2006 and was initially employed as a business analyst in various projects. He was already head of Product Management between 2008 and 2010. Subsequently, Christian was responsible for the build-up of the project business and the knowis University and established these areas in the market. As lead solution architect, he successfully completed numerous digitalization projects on the isfinancial platform at various commercial and federal state banks.

Johannes Boßle

Head of Engineering
Build & Run

Johannes_BossleAs Head of Engineering, Johannes Boßle leads the Architecture chapter within knowis software development.

In this role, he drives conceptual design and technical innovation across the whole product portfolio. He is interested in modern architectures and innovative technologies in the software environment – especially with regard to the use in complex distributed (cloud) systems.

Tobias Eichermüller

Head of Engineering

Tobias EichermuellerSince 2018 Tobias has been responsible for the operation and further development of 'Bilanzkritik', a specialized solution for credit analysts, which is used by more than 100 financial institutions.

He completed his Bachelor and Master of Science in business informatics with a focus on banking informatics and IT security at the University of Regensburg. Tobias then started his professional career as an IT consultant in one of the 'big four' management consultancies. He supported internationally operating companies in the introduction of software asset management solutions.

Tobias joined knowis in 2015 and was responsible as product manager for the introduction and further development of the successful product 'Bilanzkritik'.

Dirk Fiedler

Head of Engineering

Dirk FiedlerDirk has been responsible for the software development of the isfinancial platform at knowis AG since 2018.

After completing his engineering studies, he deepened his knowledge in software development and focused mainly on Java EE applications on various application servers.

Since the end of 2011 Dirk has been working for knowis AG, specializing in backend development, infrastructure management and DevOps toolchain.

Robert Gaßner

Head of Strategy & Organization

Robert_GassnerRobert has been responsible for the Strategy & Organization department of knowis AG since April 2019.

Robert completed an apprenticeship as a bank clerk, followed by a degree in business economics with a focus on corporate loan business and media sales. During his more than twenty years of experience at a savings bank, he worked in various areas, most recently as head of Sales Management. In addition to the enhancement and planning of sales strategies, product support and sales training were among his professional focal points.

Robert’s main areas of responsibility at knowis are process and change management, as well as IT security and strategy.

Michael Rehfisch

Head of Professional Services

Michael RehfischMichael has been part of the management team of knowis AG since 2018 and leads the Professional Services unit. His main tasks include translating banking requirements into software solutions. With his team, he ensures the successful implementation of various customer projects.

Michael completed an education as a banker and then various courses of study leading to a Bachelor of Arts in business administration and a Master of Science in accounting & finance. For several years he was responsible for process control and optimization of service and credit processes in a major international bank.

Michael joined knowis in 2016 and has supported many successful customer projects as a solution architect.

Michaela Santl

Head of Engineering
Designer & Hub

Michaela SantlMichaela is responsible for the further development of the platform components Designer & Hub.

She discovered her passion for software development during her training as an IT specialist for application development. Subsequently, she gained various practical experiences in software engineering.

Michaela has been part of the knowis team since 2012. In the area of development, she specializes primarily in modern web technologies with a focus on JavaScript. In generation 3 of isfinancial, she was significantly involved in the development of the web UI and the integration of IBM BPM. In her role as a software architect, she is now also enthusiastically pushing the conceptualization, design and development of the next product generation using cloud-native technologies.

Torsten Spörl

Head of Banking Solutions

Torsten SpoerlTorsten has been responsible for the Banking Solutions unit of knowis AG since January 2020.

After training as a banker, he completed his studies in economics with a diploma. At the beginning of his professional career, Torsten worked for several years in transaction consulting in the financial services sector at two of the 'big four' management consultancies. He then led various units in the banking sector, focusing on corporate customer business and project financing.

Since joining knowis AG in 2019, Torsten has been contributing his banking expertise in customer situations.

Kathrin Zollner

Head of Corporate Services

Kathrin ZollnerKathrin has been responsible for Corporate Services at knowis AG since 2018.

She finished her education as an IT and bank clerk and worked for several years in different functions in the areas of sales management and marketing of a bank. Afterwards, Kathrin completed a degree in business administration.

After joining knowis in 2011, she worked as a consultant to the board. She supported the board in conceptual and operational tasks and was responsible for setting up the management board team. In parallel to her career, she studied economics and graduated with a Master of Science.


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