Let it Snow: Christmas at knowis

Christmas at knowis

The year is drawing to a close, people are hectically buying the last presents and the first snowflakes are falling outside. It is not only evident in the decorated cities that Christmas Eve is approaching with great strides. On the premises of software vendor knowis in Regensburg, the spirit of Christmas has also arrived.

While Santa Claus, Father Christmas and co. are putting all available Christmas elves and reindeer to work so they manage to light up the children’s eyes in time for the holy night, we at knowis heralded the cozy side of the festive season in Regensburg last Friday. Thanks to the dedicated organizers of our Finance & HR team, the office Christmas tree was decorated just in time for St. Nicholas Day and, together with our friends and families, we were able to get in the mood for a peaceful holiday. After St. Nicholas and his companion Knecht Ruprecht had given gifts to the knowis kids, all bellies had been filled with delicious food and everyone was provided with gingerbread and mulled wine, the new team members revisited the events of an exciting year tongue-in-cheek in a unique nativity play: “A knowis Christmas Story – How knowis Came to Give Birth to Microservices” provoked quite some laughter.

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And Christmas has not only arrived in our office, but also on our website. If the weather doesn’t provide for a white Christmas – no problem, we’ll make sure the snowflakes keep falling until the holidays are over. To provide some distraction until the stockings on the fireplace are finally filled with gifts, we also gathered all the reindeer antlers and Santa hats we could find and debated some fundamental Christmas questions in front of the camera. If you want to get an impression of the colorful mix of different, but equally likable people behind knowis, you should not miss out on our Christmas video. Well, what can we say: Even though we don't always agree on every detail – as our board members Stefan Engl and Dr. Gerald Gaßner prove in front of the camera – we live this diversity every day with a broad smile on our faces.

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Written by -Vera Fischer-

Vera Fischer has a degree in English and mathematics and works as a content manager at knowis AG. As part of the marketing team, her tasks include the conceptualization and creation of content in various formats for the knowis website, social networks, and other channels.

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