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The Event Storming Method Applied in Project Life

When implementing digitalization projects, one of the key success factors is a comprehensive understanding of the processes. One possible method to achieve this understanding is called Event Storming. Read about what is behind Event Storming and the experience we have made using this method.
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One Year with PSD2: The Kick-Off for Open Banking

Since January 2018, the EU Directive PSD2 applies. This means more flexibility and transparency for the customers, but it entails a profound transformation of standards for banks. To profit nonetheless, financial institutions should rely on innovative business models and open banking.
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How Banks Can Benefit from the Energy Revolution

The expansion of renewable energies is a decisive trend in the energy sector. Within the context of this energy revolution, extensive infrastructure projects are required. In order to be able to use this source of income, banks must find a way of making its complexity manageable.
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The Most Important Stakeholders in the Digital Transformation of Finance

Only if all interest groups in a finance digitalization project recognize a clear added value for themselves and their concerns, they will support its implementation and the intended success can be sustainable. Who are the important stakeholders in a bank and how can they be satisfied?
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How to Meet the Most Demanding Governance Regulations with Digital Credit Management

With the aim of consistent risk management practice and harmonisation of the definition of leveraged transactions, the ECB published a guideline to this effect in May last year. How can banks ensure compliance with such regulations?
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