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Knowledge Driven Banking Solutions


In today’s knowledge economy, competitive advantage is increasingly coming from knowledge and insight, rather than information. Create process-driven solutions, that not only capture data, but also connect and contextualize all available information points. Empower your workforce with the relevant knowledge to make informed decisions. Act on insights to excel expectations.


Knowledge-driven, BPM-based Application Platform

To cope with the incompleteness and ambiguity of real business processes and workflows, today’s business solutions cannot rely on information alone. Solutions must become knowledge-based to ensure informed decisions as well as actions that are based on insight.

To create knowledge instead of only capturing information, our application platform is based on shared, ontology-based domain models. To distinguish the functionality of the individual components in the right places, using elements of Domain Driven Design (DDD) places specialist knowledge at the center of solution development.

Information is not only stored, but also connected and contextualized; the runtime environment takes care of all required data lifecycle operations in the background. Business operations are always based on insights rather than isolated pieces of information.

Leading Technologies, Simplified in one Platform

Business solutions have become as complex as the challenges they’re trying to solve. In many instances, the solution approach to tackle complexity was the addition of new pieces of technology adding to the complexity already present.

Our mission is to empower people, to enable them to build solutions that have an impact for their businesses. The knowis platform has been designed to simplify solution design and speed up development as well as to reduce maintenance efforts. To achieve that, the offering pre-integrates independent technologies on shared, ontology-based domain models in one platform. This approach not only leads to context-rich, inter-connected information but also allows to dramatically reduce the development efforts typically associated with business process implementations. The knowis platform is built on leading IBM Smarter Process Technology. IBM has a well-earned reputation for best-in-class, enterprise scale software as well as ongoing innovation. To provide our customers the same level of security, we built our solutions as add-ons on top that battle-proven technology stack.

The isfinancial platform is completely aligned with IBM’s Smarter Process product portfolio. But also, as we move ahead, we leverage new technologies like e.g. IBM Watson foundation technologies to build even more intelligent solutions for our customers.

Process, Case, Expert? You Decide.

The spectrum of required work styles is as diverse as your challenges are. Even in simple transactions exception may require expert intervention. Work styles like process, case or expert are not an approach in themselves rather than an spectrum of possible interaction patterns. Hence, the platform has been designed to provide coherence between all those work styles – at any time, in any transaction.

Also, regardless of the interaction type, every data point recorded in any business operation gets “connected” in context. Information are instantly and automatically visible for all business operations.


Benefit from knowis Platform

Rapid Application Development

Rapid Application DevelopmentDeliver change at the speed of business.

Our low code solution platform is designed to build lightweight solutions for rapid change. Taking advantage of ontology-based domain descriptions, the platform frees the developer of time-consuming error-prone repeating tasks. That means your developers can just focus on building great functionality.

The result are better solutions, created with x-fold higher productivity.

Knowledge-driven Interactions

Knowledge-driven InteractionsTake advantage of the incompleteness and ambiguity of real business processes and workflows.

To outperform expectations, the situational context, not the static process definition, should be the grand orchestrator in your solution.

Build solutions that are context-aware and responsive to business events. Dynamically apply different work patterns (e.g. process, case, expert) to meet your business users’ expectations.

Take advantage of a shared knowledge base to design customer centric solutions.

Solution Templates & Frameworks

Solution Templates & FrameworksSpeed up development by using templates for specific verticals and domains.

Our passion is banking, but there is solution for everything. Leverage our ecosystem of solution partners for specific verticals and domains.

Build on top of existing templates and frameworks to get you out of the gate faster.

Informed Decisions

Informed DecisionsEnsure decisions incorporate all relevant facts.

In basically every organization on the world, the amount of available data is growing exponentially. Unfortunately, that data often is distributed, incomplete or preliminary. Informed decisions are based on all relevant facts that influence the outcome. Build decision services, that incorporate all connected information.

Identify and act on updates in the context information to review decisions already made.

Process Data Virtualization

Process Data VirtualizationEmbrace worry-free information management & standards based integration capabilities.

Simplify data access by leveraging the platforms unique data management capabilities. All entities defined in your domain model are automatically managed by the generic domain services. This component ensures consistency on all constraints imposed for a specific entity. External entities can be connected to your back-end systems; local entities are completely managed with in the generic data store. Given your domain vocabulary, users can now consistently access information, unaware of the origin of the data you requested. Integration of legacy systems is based and open, standards-based protocols (like SOAP, REST and more).

Advanced access control policies assist in securing your data and staying compliant.

"Open" for your BusinessImprove time-to-market and user experience by empowering your customers, employees, and channel partners through contextualized information.

Not every application platform is designed to address the complexities and speed that organizations need today. To prosper, you must be open, enforce consistency, and engage. Our platform is open for your business through it’s own user interfaces as well as a rich set of APIs. Interconnect your internal and external channel applications with your business processes.

Improve time-to-market and user experience by empowering your customers, employees, and channel partners through contextualized information.

Enterprise-Grade Technology

Enterprise-Grade TechnologyFocus on building great functionality – we cover technology for you.

We cover technology so that you can just focus on building the best solution possible:

  • Support for different development stages
  • Strict governance policies
  • High level of platform security
  • Optimized for performance
  • Designed for scalability
  • Built on open standards
Developer Support

Developer SupportFrom simple to the most complex development projects – expect great developer support

  • Reuse of domain models and ViewFactory elements
  • Advanced, version specific dependency management for information sharing between apps
  • Integration points to extend domain entity behaviour and process functionality with code
  • Branching for distributed development and hotfix delivery
  • Version/snapshot management for all design-time assets
  • Compartmentalization of app design-time assets and App-Store integration
  • Consistency checks to ensure application quality
  • Live debugging to isolate issues in applications
  • Online-Knowledgebase & Developer Forum


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