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Business applications in the financial services industry today are just as complex as the requirements they have to meet. These challenges must be overcome by means of simple, clear and fast solutions, as well as in-depth industry expertise.  

knowis AG is the ideal partner for the development of specialist business applications, implementation projects, and commercial partnerships. The core elements of innovation, competence and reliability are placed at the forefront, bringing life to partnerships conducted in a spirit of mutual fairness.  

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Digitalisation Topic
Digitisation in the area of complex corporate lending

Customer support

Automation Topic
Automation approaches in the field of inheritance processing

Risk reporting

Industrialisation Topic
BCBS 239 compliant industrialisation in risk reporting

DIGITization in complex corporate lending


The Challenge

Processing complex corporate credit exposures require several people working in parallel within a decision-making process. Just to compile an overview of the total exposure in complex corporate structures frequently means making queries in several systems. In the context of digitization projects, the following requirements must often be met:

  • Standardization of the decision-making process
  • Faster process throughput
  • Elimination of individual IT solutions
  • Increase in data quality
  • Flexible customization options for a range of processes
  • Increased transparency with regard to activity lists and due dates
  • Meeting compliance requirements, in particular with respect to tracking decision criteria and data manipulation

Solution Description

In many cases, complex lending solutions have already been successfully implemented in practice, using the combined expertise of IBM Germany and knowis AG. Discover how you can benefit from 15 years of experience in projects relating to lending systems, solution templates, and project management process modeling.

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knowis AG

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A German universal bank on its way to
Credit Management 4.0

An example implementation of an electronic loan application in end-to-end analysis for all business areas.

Read more about the challenges, the implemented solution, and an evaluation from an economic and user's point of view.

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AUtomation approaches in the field of inheritance processing


The Challenge

Inheritance processing: a sad but often underappreciated topic in banking. The subject of the baby boom generation will increasingly also involve banks. According to the Federal Statistical Office of Germany, 911,000 people died in 2016 in Germany alone. No doubt many of them held two or more bank accounts. The complexity of the processes is immediately visible when one considers the frequent lack of information available on the processing status at a bank branch and the unusual feature that that many heirs, who are not customers of the bank, suddenly play a role in the process workflows. Nevertheless, as part of the digitization of banking, these processes can also be effectively supported and partially automated, thus achieving savings. Based on a target vision from PPI AG, a demo version was jointly developed with knowis AG to demonstrate the advantages of process-oriented mapping of estate settlement processing.

Solution Description

Based on the shared expertise of  PPI AG and knowis AG, a potential target vision was developed for digitally supporting estate settlement processing. Key aspects of the solutions are:

  • Automatic commencement of the estate settlement process by linking external information sources, or a manual start initiated by the user
  • System generation of an overview of the  total exposure of the deceased individuals
  • Supplementing legal bank data with other data from the estate settlement process
  • Initiation of various process steps as part of automatic pre-processing
  • Automatic monitoring of due dates and activity lists
  • End-to-end support of estate settlement processing in a user interface with data provided by the legal banking systems
  • Automatic generation of reports for submission to authorities
  • Provide current status information to the heirs (and potential new customers) at any time

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knowis AG

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Compliant Risk Reporting Process

The Challenge

The demands for banks to create risk reports are constantly increasing, whether as a result of increasing regulatory requirements, internal measures based on the bank's risk policy, or more demanding ad hoc information needs of the management.

Risk managers are required to be able to provide information at all times, to maintain control of processes (also during periods of market stress), and to ensure continuous audit compliance in risk reporting and management of measures taken as a result.

Solution Description

Based on the combined expertise of IBM Deutschland, knowis AG, and Innovation Partners, a potential target vision was developed for digitally supporting the creation of risk reports. The target vision examines the six central issues:

  • How are risk reporting processes initiated (both standard reports and ad hoc reports)?
  • How is the initial content structure of the risk report designed?
  • How does the analytical data arrive at the correct aggregation stage and with the correct report quality?
  • How is the collaboration between the many process participants managed and at the same time the work of the risk analysts optimally supported?
  • How are the reporting processes managed simply and securely and documented so as to be fully audit-proof, and how is on-schedule completion assured?
  • How can approval processes, distribution, and archiving of risk reports be handled fully digitally – including using mobile end-user devices such as tablets?

Solution Partners

knowis AG
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Process Blueprint DO.RISK

Description of the core process for risk reporting:

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