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isfinancial: The knowis banking platform

Our banking platform is cloud-native and designed for cooperation and collaboration using the principles of service-oriented architecture (SOA). We want to enable our customers to leverage their own power and that of the ecosystem – today and tomorrow.




The best of
make & buy

We combine the advantages of an out-of-the-box solution with best practices – for tailor-made solutions in no time.



Independence through   enablement

We enable our customers to independently develop new apps and functions. Today and tomorrow.



A platform for
all requirements

With the isfinancial banking platform, system disruptions are avoided and manual processes are automated and digitalized.



Know-how for
every project

We combine technology, industry expertise and project experience to build solutions for all requirements.


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Complex lending business

For larger investments, financing structures and products become more complex. The mere compilation of business data for analysis and valuation involves major challenges.

With our Asset Finance Business App, we digitalize the complex lending business and simplify the process of loan decision-making.

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lending business

Both retail and corporate customers want to interact seamlessly with their bank via different channels. In-house experts also require a digital workplace to centrally process all tasks.

With our Deal Management Business App, we provide exactly that.

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Digital Risk Office

The demands on banks' risk offices have increased considerably in recent years. Analyses are processed in a time-consuming manner using various documents, which leads to system disruptions and makes audit-compliant management more difficult.

With our Risk Management Business App, system breaks are prevented and the work in the Risk Office is considerably facilitated.

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Digital Back Office

In the back office, the degree of manual activity is particularly high, which is mainly caused by a fragmented system landscape. At the same time, the back office holds a central service function. Customer satisfaction, for example, is largely dependent on processing times.

Our Operations Business App automates processes and reduces processing times to create a central, digital back office.

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Risk managers are required to be able to provide information, control processes, and ensure end-to-end auditing acceptability at all times. Additional requirements arise from regulations such as the EBA guidelines. 

With the help of our Portfolio Management Business App, processing steps are simplified, standards are met, and end-to-end transparency is provided.

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Identify business requirements

In the first step, we find out in which way the solution needs to support your business. For this, we use various methods such as event storming to take a close look at the user journey and existing processes.



Select business capabilities

Which business capabilities are needed in the solution? Whether underwriting, customer analysis, or covenants: in this step, your individual requirements are sorted into functional "maps".



Compose the solution

In the final step, we combine the building blocks to create the ready-to-use solution. This can be done using pre-existing building blocks from already existing solutions, newly created building blocks, or building blocks from the ecosystem.

Combining different building blocks allows the solution to evolve at any time and protects investments already made.


Digital Transformation in the lending process

Learn more about how we drive digital transformation in the lending process and how we run digitalization projects with our customers.

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